Free InVidia Video Templates and The Benefits They Provide

InVideo offers three different options for their newly released free video services. First, they offer two free video services – Inbuilt Gallery and Inventive Video Clips. Second, they offer the InVideo Clips option which is a paid service offering a library of pre-loaded, ready to use templates for both InVidia Flash and HTML. Finally, the third option is InVidia Mobile – a web based application that allows mobile device users to view and upload their own videos. As a recap, the free plan offers a two week trial period, after which a user must commit to a monthly paid service.

Invideo Offers

The two free plans offer two options for uploading videos. The first is a Flash-based uploader which uses the Windows Media Player to allow users to view their videos in Flash. The second method uploads videos to their servers. In both cases, the uploaded videos may be accessed via the Windows Live Connect tool or the device’s browser.

To make things more convenient, inVidia also offers two templates to help choose which social networking sites would best suit your business. This means that users can select from both InVidia’s own community as well as those belonging to their partners and other various networks. This gives you and your marketing videos more visibility among the various social networking sites and portals!

Once signed up for the service, you can begin creating your videos easily using the templates included with the program. All you have to do is select a template from the software menu and drag and drop your chosen videos into the program’s main window. Depending on the version of the software, you may have a choice between several styles and colors for your InVidia templates. As you make your selections, you will notice a preview pane displaying your video. Now that your InVidia promo has been completed, you can either share it to all your friends or save it to your hard drive for future use. That way, you will always have ready-to-use marketing videos to use whenever you need them!

You can also choose to upload your InVidia templates directly onto InVidia’s website. However, this feature may not be available if you have signed up for the service using your email account. Since the clips are already formatted and preset, uploading them directly to InVidia’s website will only cause further damage to your files. In fact, InVidia’s website does offer editing options aside from the ones it provides to its customers and clients, so you won’t have any problem with making your InVidia videos as you please.

InVidia, along with several other online video production services, has a free video editing program called Camtasia. Using this software, you can edit your videos and share them with family and friends. If you are still a little hesitant about using an online service for the creation and editing of your videos, you should consider purchasing a royalty free template that could provide you with everything InVidia has to offer. With these templates, creating videos becomes much easier, and you won’t have to worry about spending too much money to do so.

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