How to Make YouTube Videos With an Online Video Creator

InVideo online video creator

Using an online video creator like InVideo can be a good way to make a professional looking video in minutes. This is especially true when you consider that there are thousands of templates to choose from. And with InVideo’s extensive library of royalty-free stock images, you don’t have to worry about purchasing your own. Besides, it isn’t necessary to have formal training to use the app. Luckily, InVideo has a number of tutorials available for new users.

It’s worth noting that InVideo offers a free trial for up to one week. In addition, a discount of up to 50% is offered on its annual subscription. However, to take advantage of this offer, you must enter your credit card details. After the trial, you’ll be billed unless you cancel your account.

Aside from the free trial, InVideo also offers two subscription plans: Business and Unlimited. The latter is more expensive, but it includes a slew of other features. These include a huge library of pre-made videos, the ability to schedule videos, the ability to export your own video file, and the ability to repurpose a previous InVideo video. The latter option is useful if you’re trying to create a video for multiple purposes.

InVideo’s ad creation tool can help you craft the perfect video ad, from a single image to a full-blown animated ad. For example, a furniture brand can create a guided tour of a new piece of furniture. Or, you can make a vox pop of an interview with a potential sponsor. InVideo’s video editing features also make it easy to modify a scene or re-edit a scene.

InVideo has a massive selection of multimedia features, from bundled stock media to premium templates. Their templates are designed by in-house experts. You can even add your own voice over, as well as high-quality sound tracks. And, you can export your own video, so you can share it on your favorite social media platforms.

For many marketers, videos are the key to a successful online marketing campaign. This is particularly true if you’re marketing a product. Using an online video editor like InVideo to create a promotional video is a no-brainer. And, you can do it all on the go. It’s not hard to see why this software has been dubbed as the best video maker on the market.

InVideo’s best feature is arguably their intro maker, which enables you to create a great-looking video without paying a cent. The aforementioned video is a great start, but you can get more out of InVideo with a little bit of effort. For starters, you can choose between three different shapes for your video. You can also opt for a video that’s small, medium, or large.

InVideo’s other big wig is its impressive suite of video editing features. With InVideo, you can trim and edit your videos, as well as create loops, duplicate sounds, and improve your video’s background noise. And, you can even send invitation videos.

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