How to Make YouTube Videos With the InVideo Online Video Creator

InVideo online video creator

InVideo is an online video creation tool that converts photos into videos. It features licensed music and stylish text to enhance your video. Drag and drop photos to tell a story, and you’re ready to go. The tool makes it simple to create a stunning video in minutes. You can use free stock images, music, and videos to create your video, or create your own with high-quality elements from the library. If you want to use a professional video for your business, you can upgrade to a premium account and have access to a media library.

After downloading InVideo, you can begin working on your video. You can create a storyboard that outlines the different scenes in your video. It also helps you plan the narrative of the video. Using a storyboard will help you visualize the video and plan the shots in a logical order. You don’t have to be a professional to create a storyboard. All you need to do is draw stick figures or rough sketches and add notes. From there, you can start planning the shots in sequence and include all the necessary details.

When creating a video, make sure that it’s related to your topic. Since it will be seen primarily on mobile devices, the thumbnail is usually very small. You can use the title of your video as the thumbnail text, but make sure that the text doesn’t crowd the thumbnail. You also need to check to make sure that the background of the text doesn’t obscure the text. You can also use the description that appears on your video for SEO purposes.

When creating your video, be sure to use appropriate fonts, colors, and a high-contrast background to add some visual interest. If you’re not comfortable with the text that you choose to use, you can always add some, or delete it entirely. InVideo offers free, royalty-free videos and images. To make your marketing video more professional, select a video template and begin adding text. Once you’re done, export the finished video and share it on social networks.

While InVideo isn’t as intuitive as some other video creation tools, it has plenty to offer for users. InVideo offers a variety of templates for all types of videos and marketing needs. Once you’ve chosen your template, you’re ready to add music, photos, and text. Adding stickers and text is another great feature of this video creation tool. With an InVideo membership, you’ll be amazed at the video creation possibilities this software offers.

InVideo‘s audio library allows you to add and edit royalty-free music to your videos. And because it’s royalty-free, you can super-critically edit the audio and trim it as you like. You can even add a voice over if you choose. The audio library also allows you to choose from hundreds of tracks, divided into moods, and categorized by genre. Before choosing a track, you can preview it to make sure it matches your video’s overall mood.

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