InVideo Tutorial – How to Create Compelling Videos With Minimal Effort

InVideo tool

If you want to create compelling videos with minimal effort, InVideo is the tool for you. The tool offers 5000+ design templates and 9M+ premium media from iStock. A 14-day free trial is also available. InVideo storyteller videos are great for accompanying long-form content, such as articles. They increase dwell time and SEO for the website. InVideo can also be used to create video summaries of articles.

The tool offers millions of video assets, including video clips, emojis, music, and transitions. Then, you can customize the video by using pre-built dimensions from the InVideo platform. It also offers the option to duplicate the video in various aspect ratios. Users can also upload videos to social media platforms or export them to their computer. The tool also helps you to customize your videos for different platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter timeline, Facebook, and Snapchat.

The tool also offers several features to help you create viral memes. Memes have become an essential part of our social lives and InVideo‘s meme generator makes it easy to create a funny video with no prior experience. Memes can be shared on various social platforms or added to YouTube videos. This tool helps you create viral videos with ease and without the cost of hiring a professional. Once you have mastered these powerful tools, you’ll have no problem creating videos and memes.

Another useful feature of the InVideo tool is its ability to convert text into videos. Using this tool, you can turn written content into an interactive video, based on a URL. It doesn’t require scripting, and you can add a voiceover to the video. And if you’re using it to create an advertisement for your business, don’t forget to include subtitles. There are other features that make this tool worth checking out.

Once you’ve chosen a template for your Facebook ad video, you’ll be presented with a number of different options. For example, you can add an animated intro or a voiceover to the video. The tool has options for adding a voiceover, including recording using your device’s microphone. You can also add new scenes from any template you choose. Finally, you can change the canvas background color to match the theme of your video.

The next step is to adjust the length of individual elements in your video. To do this, select the scene that you’d like to adjust. While hovering the mouse over the end of the scene, you’ll see 2 sided arrows that allow you to slide left or right. Keep in mind that when you adjust the length of a scene, you’ll affect all the layers in that particular video. If you have a background image that isn’t visible on your video, you’ll need to move it in another place.

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