Vidnami Black Friday Special || Vidnami black friday discount coupon & special promo


Vidnami offering the greatest ever Black Friday Special!

Yes, you heard it right. The ever-popular and very useful video creator Vidnami is introducing their Black Friday Mega Bundle. It is awesome and features big, big savings. Everybody wins.

So what is the big deal with the 2020 Vidnami Black Friday Bonus?
Well, it will not be here forever, but you will still have until November 27 to avail of the discounted price. And I mean really slashed. Not to mention the free stuff they are giving away, including apps and other bonuses.

Why get Vidnami, you may ask.
It will help you grow your business, promote products, and even sell videos to other clients or entrepreneurs. This video creator is so easy to use that anyone can make a video, even if you don’t know how, or even if you haven’t done a video yourself.

Look at what’s included:,

1. 40% discount for Life. Vidnami helps you grow your business through video marketing. If you know how to copy and paste, click buttons, and review a video, you are set for life. Save $216 per year.
2. Scriptnami for free. Create scripts and sales pitches in just minutes. Let this help you generate income for you. Save $588 a year.
3. Free Question Samurai. Be in the know instantly and uncover what consumers are searching. Save $49.
4. Video Traffic Blueprint for free. These templates are now responsible for more than 7 million views of videos. With this you save $49.
5. Free 5 minute Facebook Ad Formula that saves you $49. Uncover the secrets on how to make high-converting video Facebook ads.
6. Free ebook that shows 21 ways to Find clients. Save $49. Unravel the secret to starting a video making agency in the comfort of your own living room.
7. Youtube SEO Cheat sheet, given away for free. Saved $49. This will teach you on how to rank your videos fast.
8. Free ebook on how to use your Smart phone camera. Saves $29. They will share the way to use lighting and mic so you could produce pro results right away.
9. Influencer Template pack given for free. Saves you $97. This will give you ten video templates for social media so you could be ahead of the competition and go viral.
10. Free Storyblocks video clip library that saves you $348 a year. You will have unlimited access to 790, 000 plus video clips with your Vidnami account. What more could you ask for?
11. Storyblocks music library for free. Saves you $340 a year with 30,000 Storyblocks music track available under your very finger tips.
12. Influencer Master Class for free. Videos that will save you $197. This private video master class will advise you on how to make professional influencer videos.

This Black Friday Mega Bundle will save you a whopping $1,960. You’d be crazy not to snatch this deal up. What are you standing around for? Click on the link below before everything’s too late.

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